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Oderstrasse is a theater company, born in 2019 and based in Milan, founded by  Marco Ciccullo, Cornelia Miceli and Enrico Ravano.
The ensemble's skills are, on one hand, the need to combine physical theater practices with spoken theater; on the other, the interest in classical texts of literature and prose, that inspire the artistic research of the company.
The purpose of this project is the creation of theatrical performances and the spread of culture in all its forms. The attempt is to bring the public closer to classical dramaturgy. We like to think that classical texts helps people to orient in the present.

Scenically, we are delving into the Chorus modality. Our shows come to life thanks to a group of people who act on stage as a community. The scene is a machine that can only work if all the gears fit together and work well with each other. Each one can become coryphous at a certain moment, or he can try to rebel against the group, but then he is reabsorbed by it. It is not a group of individuals that goes to form a choir, but rather a choir that, by collaborating, enhances its individuals. We believe that this choral modality has to do with some aspects of our society: individual and group are two forces in precarious balance.


In October 2019, Oderstrasse debut with its first performance entitled U!, at the Teatro Libero in Milan, with the direction of Marco Ciccullo and Cornelia Miceli. The work is based on Aristophanes' Birds .


In 2020, the company stages a new production entitled Victor & Frankenstein , inspired by the famous novel by Mary Shelley, with the direction of Marco Ciccullo and Cornelia Miceli. The project has been produced by the Centro Asteria and Oderstrasse itself. The performance debuted in June 2021.

In January 2022, Oderstrasse participates in the implementation of the project I Memoriosi, directed by Massimiliano Speziani, produced by Gariwo Foundatione, in collaboration with Centro Asteria.


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